What is M4M?

Currency exchange on the go!

We are not money changers - m4m is a peer-to-peer currency exchange app. You post the currency you want or have, we will match it for you!

M4M App Screen

Our Services

We provide a different way of doing your currency exchange. The deal is "We match You change" at anytime, anywhere at unbelievable rate!

Our unique online order matching system gives you more convenient connection with people, and you spend almost nothing!

Why We M4M?


All you need to do is to post an order of the currency you have or want and we will take care of the rest by matching based on proximity and amount.


We match your order with another person with opposite need and enable a chat window to discuss when and where to exchange.

Save Money

Don’t pay huge spreads to the institutions. $ saved is $ earned. A savings of $25 per transaction saves $250 for 10 transactions, treat yourself with an upscale dinner with your family! Do the Math :) Welcome to m4m !!!<

How it works?

1. Be a member

Sign up with us using your email or Facebook. You'll get 5 credits signing up with email and 10 credits signing up with Facebook.

2. Post an order

PPost an order of the currency you want/have. We'll match for your nearest location and the closet amount. Please make your location service is "ON".

3. Connect

Select the best match from the list we show you and offer to chat with the other side. Once the request is accepted, chat opens to discuss meeting place/time. We charge you a credit for enabling the chat for any number of transactions within 24 hours from the first chat.

4. Meet Up & Exchange

Meet up with the person and exchange your money. The transaction can be manually closed after exchange or allow it to expire.

5. What next?

We are working on getting the payment and receipt online through electronic mode to save you a trip !


If you are a person who has capacity to provide liquidity on variety of currencies, we can register you as an affiliate and offer a deal.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is M4M?

m4m stands for Money for money. One person gives a specific amount of a currency and the other person meets his needs on the other currency as posted.

It is a peer-to-peer exchange mechanism where no institutions are involved.

What are the list of currencies available?

All major currencies that are exchanged around Asia is in the list. We will enhance as we venture into more markets.

How do I use M4M app?

Download the app from App store or Google store (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.firstinfintech.m4m1) and create a user id password (using your Facebook or email account). You are ready!

Which version of iOS do your apps support?

m4m works well on all existing versions of iOS and Android.

How do I post an order?

Select the currency you have/want and type the amount in main screen. Use the search option for a quick look or Post the order for others to see. Wait for someone to pick up the order and fill it!

I have technical problem, who do I email?

Mail your concerns/questions/business opportunities at askus@firstinfintech.com

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